Our Services

Our primary service is to provide your family with your new dream home.  And we work to make the process as simple and stress free as possible, relying on our decades of experience.

Single Family HUD Homes

Homes built to HUD standards are our primary product.  These are synonymous with "Manufactured Homes".  They are built to a national HUD code that is accepted across the country.

Land Home Financing

Financing your home is in your control.  We can suggest lenders we have past experience, or you can bring your own lender.  

Unlike other retailers, we don't try to make hidden profits of your loan for the next 30 years.  Your home, your lender.

Land Developers

We work with land developers and subdvision developers to provide turnkey soloutions above the ground for your development.  You worry about about the stuff in the ground while we handle the stuff above the foundation.  

Rely on our experience to make your development project a success.

Home Only Financing

If you just need financing on your home only, for cases where you choose not to tie the home and the land together, we have two national lenders that you can use.   

Or, you can use a local lender, as some credit unions will gladly make loans on just the home.

H2A Farm Labor Housing

We can work with you to provide cost effective custom solutions for your H2A farm labor housing.  

Modular (IRC) Housing

Modular (IRC) homes are built to your local Building Department's currently adopted building codes.  Including various electrical codes, plumbing codes, HVAC codes, and construction codes that vary from town to town, county to county, state to state.

These homes typically take a much longer process to design, obtain approval, and install.  There are significant expenses with IRC homes above the cost of the same home built to standard HUD codes because of the local building requirements.


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